Green Hippo Hippotizer HD V3R2

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Green Hippo V3 Hippotizer HD Media Server

With the Hippotizer HD Media Server, Green Hippo has taken the role of HD Media Servers to a whole new level. Functions such as powerful timelines, HippoNet intelligent networking and a host of new media management features mean it's never been simpler to elevate your shows to radical new highs.

New capabilities of the new Green Hippo V3 Hippotizer Media Server

Class leading real-time video playback and manipulation

HippoNet (seamless networking for control and configuration)

ZooKeeper - intuitive network administrative user interface that is fully customizable

Built-in Timeline functionality with complete control of the networked servers

Frame blended slow-motion

Advanced Media Management

Built-in Automatic Media Encoding

Full Keystone, Geometry and Color Correction

Frame-accurate synchronized video playback across multiple servers

Live media updating

Soft-edge blending

Live video inputs with many optional configurations

PixelMapper LED plug-in for direct drive of LED fixtures

ScreenWarp - projection correction onto uneven or non-linear surfaces

Green Hippo V3 includes upgrades to many of Hippotizer’s industry-leading features:

Class leading video playback and real-time rendering

Frame Blended Slow-Motion

Soft-Edge Blending

Keystone and Colour Correction

SDI Input

True 1080p Dual Output (HD), Standard Definition Dual Output (Stage) and Single output (Express) versions available.

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